A&C Classic Window Tinting has a had a long and successful history since 1990.

A&C Classic Window Tinting has evolved to become specialists in window tinting in Newcastle and Maitland areas, solving problems and providing window tinting solutions for Offices and Homes.

We are a bit different in that if we believe you need another solution we will tell you.
Allan & Carol have been window tinting since 1990. They have specialized in Home & Commercial window tinting since 2005, and prior to that cars and vehicles were their focus.

With the advances in needing to reduce  electricity costs at Home and in an Office, Flat glass window tinting solutions in all buildings is more important than ever .

Call A&C Classic Window Tinting for an obligation FREE Window Tinting quote…we will go anywhere to quote in Newcastle, Maitland, Port Stephens and surrounding areas.

We still do what is considered old fashion business principles:

  • Do the Job once and do it properly
  • It is our responsibility for quality control not yours
  • We are only human. If we miss something and you tell us we will fix it
  • If there is a warranty, we will take care of it
  • If we make an appointment we will keep it and if we can’t we will let you know
  • We will not sell you something just to get a sale
  • We are here for your benefit, you are not here for ours
  • Without you the happy customer we would not exist
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