A&C Classic Window Tinting in Newcastle recognises clients can have a range of Window Films giving privacy in the Home and office

The solutions can be varied and it is best to discuss this in detail before obtaining a quote.

Scenario 1: Day & night -filtered light

A&C Classic Window Tinting would recommend a translucent type film.

It is an excellent low maintenance solution and works for doors, glass walls and glass bathroom screens for bathrooms. You can choose from a range of finishes.

Scenario 2: Daytime but I want my view

Such a scenario can be achieved by A&C Classic Window Tinting using a film to create a one way effect. These films are usually made of transparent polyester and can be tinted.

Glass is transparent and reflective to some degree. By increasing the reflectivity or reducing the transparency or both, it can be possible to stop people from seeing in without stopping you from seeing out.

One Way Privacy Films

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